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5/9/17. 10am GMT. They're BACK.
TOATL Audio present... SUNRISE - A Feature Length Science Fiction Audio Movie.
Written By R. R. Molyneux. Directed & Soundscaped By Invokal Ink.
Starring Invokal as The Doctor & Hattie Snooks as Maria Swift.
Also Starring Lucy Jones, Philippa Hammond, Jimmy Dean, Katharine D'Almaine & Mark Culmer.
With music by Merlin and Vice Beats.

"The Tales Of A Timelord crew are BACK! This time, the TOATL team are bigger than ever and are releasing the full length science fiction audio movie 'SUNRISE'. Continuing the adventures of The Doctor somewhere around his 20th regeneration and his tough as nails side kick Maria Swift, SUNRISE delves into the psyche of our intrepid explorers and shows them a debauched selection of demons they never thought they'd see... again."


releases September 5, 2017



TalesOfATimelord Brighton, UK

A brand new science fiction audio drama for the Whoniverse.

Tales Of A Timelord takes its listeners on a journey through a brand new companion's eyes with a the Doctor somewhere near his 20th regeneration.

Parental guidance is advised.
Written by R. R. Molyneux.
Produced by Invokal.
Music by Merlin.
Starring Invokal John Loud as The Doc and Hattie Snooks as Maria.
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